2nd Attempt At Adult Short Story

Paul and Jennifer
By: Kimberly Mazzeo-Jolley

With Halloween quickly approaching, Jennifer was frantic about what she was going to wear at the party. She didn’t have a costume but wanted to look sexy in case Paul showed up. She didn’t have the nerve to tell him at work how badly she yearned for his touch but maybe with a sexy costume and the mix of alcohol, she would get up enough nerve to say something to him. She often fantasized how she would seduce him during lunch hour as he heated up his meal in the break room. He never noticed her gaze when he would enter the room. She wanted to do things with him she has never done with anyone else. Paul had the most beautiful deep dark brown eyes she has ever seen and would get lost in them when he would come by her desk asking for the files he needed. He looked so handsome and professional in his crisply dry cleaned businessware. She often thought of going into his office, clearing his desk and jumping in front of him to beg him to take her. Just the thought of him made her wet. She often wondered why this great guy was single. Maybe he treated his women horribly. Or maybe he was awful in bed. No, she could never believe any of that. Maybe he just hasn’t found the right woman. Jennifer knew she would be the right woman for him, if he would just see her past the job. The office Halloween party would be a great way to break the ice between them. End of day comes and the party is less than a week away. She watches as Paul leaves the office in a hurry to start his weekend. She wonders what great plans he has. Nevertheless, she had to quickly get down to the costume place in the mall before it closed. She hurries through the traffic to get to the mall. She sees the parking lot is full, as usual, and wonders if she is too late. Jennifer finally finds a spot in the far parking lot and walks quickly into the mall. It was starting to get a little dark out and wanted to hurry before it was too late because she was not parked in a well lit area. As she finally makes her way to the store, she finds the place a mad house. "I am not going to find anything in this place", Jennifer complains to herself. But she takes a look through the hangers hoping to find something, ANYTHING, that would be just right. As she figured, there was nothing. Either they were too big or too small. Too childish or just too plain. She didn’t want a scary costume because she wanted to attracted Paul, not scare him off. She didn’t want something that everyone wears every year. She just wanted something sexy and flirty. "Maybe I should have come last week", sighs Jennifer. She looks down at her cell phone and realizes its nearly 9pm and the store is about to close. Jennifer rushes out of the store after not finding anything she wanted. She notices the stores are nearly empty. She didn’t think much about it and found her way to the exit. As she opens the door to make her way to her car, she sees nearly all the cars have disappeared. It was eerie to see the mall so empty. Though it was very dark, she could see her car all the way in the back lot from the mall entrance. She didn’t think she was there that late. Not even the security officer was driving around in the parking lot. Jennifer started her way to her car but could see some shadows from time to time in the unlit areas of the parking lot. She didn’t pay much attention thinking they were just employees going to their cars to go home. But then she could hear foot steps behind her. They were slow at first but then picked up their pace as she began to walk a little faster. She stopped to turn around and the foot steps stopped. She didn’t see anyone and decided to keep walking to her car. Again the foot steps were behind her. Jennifer began to get nervous and reached for her cell phone. As she scrambled for her cell phone, she noticed there was no reception on the phone. Jennifer was getting scared because the foots steps were getting closer and closer to her but she couldn’t see anything or anyone behind her. She searched for her keys and as she finally found them, she felt a hand on her shoulder saying, "Hello beautiful. What's your hurry?" She quickly turned and nearly screamed until she saw .... him. It was Paul. Jennifer began to laugh nervously and said," Oh its only you. You scared me Paul. I couldn’t see you behind me. Where did you come from?" Paul explained to her that he was looking for a gift for his mother and saw her rushing out of the mall. "The mall at night can be a little scary if you are alone. Especially for a beautiful single woman such as yourself" Paul says to Jennifer. Jennifer began to blush at his unusual flirting and asked what he got for his mother. He told her found a necklace with a locket but wasn’t sure she would like it. He asked Jennifer if she wanted to take a look at it and give him a honest opinion about it. She nodded her head yes, happy that he would respect her opinion enough for his mother's gift. It was a beautiful gold necklace with a heart shaped locket. She asked what he was going to put in the locket. He said he wasn’t sure yet but still had time to think about it. Then asked if she had any suggestions. Jennifer said maybe a picture of himself and/or his siblings or just of his father. As Jennifer was talking, Paul smiled and placed his hand on her shoulder and back. Jennifer has ached for this moment but was elated that he was talking with her, much less touch her. Jennifer asked Paul if he had plans for the evening to which Paul replied, "No, not really. I was thinking about having a few drinks downtown. How about yourself?" Jennifer was shocked that she had the nerve to ask such a question but figured if she gone this far, she would go all the way. "I really didn’t have any plans either. I was here looking for a costume for the party next week. There wasn’t anything for me there, so I guess I will have to go someplace else." Paul asked Jennifer if she would like to join him. She nearly passed out from the excitement but agreed. Jennifer told him she would have to meet him there because she wanted to go home and change. They exchanged phone numbers and made plans for the location. Paul leaned over to Jennifer for a hug and said he couldn’t wait. Jennifer could smell his cologne, Obsession, as he hugged her and breathed in deeply. She was in heaven. Jennifer got into her car and waved goodbye as she drove away. On the way home, Jennifer was so gitty from the excitement and couldn’t get home fast enough. She was so excited that she didn’t notice the car following behind her. As she pulled into her driveway and waited for the garage door to open, the car that was following Jennifer waited on the corner. When she pulled into the garage and closed the door, the car pulled in behind her car. She quickly got out of her car and ran into the house. She could not believe her luck. She quickly undressed and turned the shower on. She wanted to freshen up before meeting up with Paul, just in case she might get lucky tonight. As she was letting the water warm up, she turned on her stereo and was dancing around her house naked and singing alone with the song. She didn’t hear the person breaking into her house. The man dressed in all black broke into the side door of the garage quietly. The stereo drowned out any noise he made. Oblivious to what was going on in the garage, Jennifer got into her steamy hot shower. Continuing to sing and washing herself, the stranger found his way through her house and entered her room. He peeked around the door and watched her as she washed her wet naked body. He could feel his member begin to throb as he watched her wash her ***** and boobs. He began to rub himself and he watched. He was waiting for the right moment. That moment in which he could attack her without her knowing. Jennifer than started to wash her hair. As she lathered up the shampoo and her head was full of suds, he opened the curtain to the shower. As she started to rinse her hair under the flowing water, he grabbed her wrists and told her to just relax and not scream. Jennifer's first instinct was to scream and run. She couldn’t understand what was happening to her. She was very scared and started to cry. She begged the man not to hurt me. He told her if she didn’t stop screaming, he was going to kill her. He pulled Jennifer out of the shower by her wrists that were behind her back. She stopped screaming but couldn’t stop crying. He told her he wasn’t going to hurt her. He dragged her out of the bathroom and into the bedroom where he had both of her wrists in one of his hands. He had on a black ski mask and gloves so even if she did see his face or hands, she would not be able to describe him other than his eyes. He whispered when he spoke to her so she couldn’t recognize his voice. He reached for the rope that was hidden in his jacket and tied her hands together. He found one of her black scarves hanging on the door and blindfolded her. He tied it tightly and told her not to move. Her body shaking with fear, she continued to beg him not to hurt her. He put his hand over mouth and said, "If you don’t shut the **** up, I am going to cut your throat!" Jennifer continued to cry. The man walked around to the front of Jennifer to look at her naked wet body. She asked what he wanted from her and who he was. He angrily repeated for her to shut up. He took his time in gazing at her glistening soaked body and began to rub himself again. He started to breathe heavy as he was getting aroused. He then placed both of his hands around her throat and told her if she moved, he would kill her. He asked is she understood him and Jennifer cried out yes. The stranger then glided his one hand down to her breast while the other was around her throat. He squeezed her boob aggressively and pinched her nipples. Then he took his other hand off of her throat and down to her other breast. He want to bite her nipple so he lifted the mask just high enough to bite her. She cried out in pain which made his **** even harder. He squeezed both her breasts again and pushed her onto her knees. He grabbed her hair and pulled it back violently. Again, she cried out. He leans down to her ear and says, "You better stop that ******* crying or I will GIVE you something to cry about, you ******* *****! You are nothing but a ******* tease! Running around your house naked... you are just BEGGING for someone like me to come in here and **** the **** out of you. You KNOW you want this, don’t you.. you ******* ****!" the man whispers in her ear. Jennifer denies wanting him to **** her and begs that he doesn’t do this to her. He tells her to stop crying and open her mouth. He warns her if she does anything he doesn’t like, he would make her hurt like she has never hurt before. Jennifer opens her mouth and he tells her, "Good girl. Now I am going to give you a surprise and you better take it all." Jennifer reluctantly opened her mouth as instructed in fear of what he would put into her mouth. The man unzipped his pants and pulled out his semi erect **** and put in her mouth. He tells her to suck it good or he would hurt her. Jennifer takes his member into her mouth and does as he commands though from time to time he would chock her from going in too deep. She could feel him get harder and harder with each time he would shove it in her mouth. He had both of his hands around Jennifer's head pulling her closer to him each time he would thrust. It felt so good to him to have this kind of control over her. Jennifer finally stopped crying as she was getting face ****** by this strange man. She began to enjoy sucking his ****. She could feel her ***** start to tingle and get a little moist with the taste of his precum. It has been such a long time since she has been with a man and even though this wasn’t the way she wanted to get attention, she thought if she quickly got him off, he would leave her and not hurt her. Jennifer began to feverishly suck his **** going up and down quicker. She sucked harder and harder each time. The man was getting close to the point of explosion and then pulled his rock hard **** out her mouth and told her she wasn’t getting away from him that quickly. He pulled her up off the floor by her hair and she moaned. He pushed her down on her bed onto her stomach. He could see her milky white virgin *** shake as she bounced on the bed. He laid on top of her back and said, "If I let your wrists free, will you be a good girl?" Jennifer answer, "Yes." "I have a knife in my hand just in case you decide to be stupid. When I cut you free, don’t do anything stupid. Do NOT take your blindfold off. I want you to get up on your knees. Do you understand? Nod your head if you understand." the man said. Jennifer nodded yes. He cut her hands free and Jennifer did as he demanded. "Now, open your *** cheeks up while I watch. And remember, don’t do anything stupid to get yourself killed!" he says. Jennifer complied to his demands. As Jennifer opened her *** cheeks, he continued to stroke his ****. Jennifer begged him not to hurt her. He told her he would only hurt her if she didn’t do what he told her to do. The man walked toward Jennifer on the bed and pulled her close to the edge with one hand on her thigh. Jennifer did not resist him anymore. She began to breathe hard because she knew what was about to happen. She was anxious to have him inside her. He used one hand to massage her wet ***** and said, "I see you are starting to enjoy this. You like a man to treat you like a dirty *****. That IS what you are, isn’t it?" He shoved one finger into her as she moaned. He shoved it deep inside her until he reached his knuckles. He started to finger **** her, starting with one finger and adding another. She was very wet and he knew she wanted him. While finger ******* Jennifer, the man was stroking his **** with his other hand. He wanted to give it to her HARD! Then, he told her to roll over on to her back and open her legs as wide as she could. Jennifer did without hesitation. The man got onto his knees in front of Jennifer and put his face close to her *****. He could smell her sweet juices and wanted to taste her. He grabbed her thighs and pushed her legs high into the air. Her *** was lifted off the bed slightly and he started to lick her right thigh. He then glided his hands down her legs and put them under her ***. As he licked down her thigh, he stopped right before getting to her hot throbbing *****. Then he licked down her left thigh and again stopped right before reaching her *****. He stared at her ***** as it got wetter and wetter the closer he got. He couldn’t take it anymore. He shoved his tongue deep in her ***** lips and started to drink her juices. He lapped it up like a dog. He licked and sucked her hot box as she moaned and moved with his face. Jennifer was really started to enjoy the man eating her *****. She has never allowed any man do this to her. She grabbed the back of his head and shoved his face deeper into her. She began to cry out, "Eat my *****! Yeah, that’s right! Eat that ******* *****!!" Jennifer was about to *** as the man continue to lick and suck her juices. Then, the man licked her ******* to Jennifer's surprise. No one has ever even touched her there, nevermind lick her *******. He licked her from her ******* up her ***** to her **** and back down again. He did this repeatedly until he could feel her tense up her legs. He knew she was about to ***. He was so hard and wanted her to ***. He began to hum to give her some vibration to help her ***. Just as he started to hum on her ****, she screamed out that she was *******. The gushing of her *** all over his face made him very happy. He happily licked her juices all up. He asked her if she was ready for his **** and Jennifer nodded yes. Jennifer grabbed him by his arms to make him get up off the floor. He leaned over her to give her a kiss. Jennifer jumped at first but then realized what he was doing. She could smell and taste her salty juices on his lips as he stuck his tongue in her mouth. Jennifer wrapped her hands around his neck as they kissed. Swirling tongues and the taste of her juices in both of their mouths made them both very hot. Her ***** now throbbing, he penetrated her hard and deep as they were kissing. While kissing and him ******* her *****, Jennifer caught a whiff of a familiar scent. She remembered the scent from earlier that evening. It was the same scent that Paul had on. "Oh my GOD!" Jennifer thought to herself. Could it really be a coincidence? Could they both be wearing Obsession? Jennifer pulled off her blindfold and looked at her rapist. It WAS Paul. He was too involved with ******* Jennifer's tight wet ***** to notice her blindfold was off. Jennifer was shocked but at the same time, he felt so good inside her. "Oh My God Paul! What are you doing to me?" Paul did not stop ******* Jennifer and replied, "I knew you wanted me! I saw the way you look at me everytime I came near you. I am just giving you what you wanted! You KNOW you wanted this!! Now shut the **** up and take it like a woman!" Jennifer did not stop Paul from ******* her. Paul pulled his shirt off and continued to pound her ***** harder and harder with each thrust. After about 10 minutes of this position, he told her to turn over and Jennifer complied. She jumped up on her knees and he forcefully thrusted his **** into her ***** in a doggy style position. He grabbed onto her hips pulling her closer to him as she screamed out. He grabbed her shoulder with one hand and her hair with the other. "**** ME HARDER! HARDER! HARDER!!", Jennifer cried out. He could feel himself about to *** and slowed down. Then he pulled out of her ***** and put the head of his **** on the rim of Jennifer's *******. Jennifer told him not to **** her there because she never has. He said, "Shut up *****. I will **** you however I want. You will love it. Just relax and let me handle it." He gently eased his throbbing **** slowly into her ***. Jennifer cried out with each second. He kept telling her to relax. He couldn’t take it anymore so he just SLAMMED his **** into her until he was fully inside her. She cried out again. Begging him to stop. He kept sliding his **** in and out of her ******* until he was about to *** again. This time, he was not going to stop. Faster and harder. Both hands on her hips pulling her closer. Harder and faster, until his **** EXPLODED in her ***. He filled her *** completely and still kept *******. Then he thrusted it in her ***** and filled that up too. As Paul began to relax after ******* harder than he has in his life, he pulled out of Jennifer and went into the bathroom. He cleaned himself up and walked back into the bedroom. He looked down at Jennifer and said, "Now, get yourself cleaned up. You are my *** bucket now. If you ever mention this to anyone, and I mean ANYONE, I WILL come back her and kill you. But, if you are a good little **** DOLL, I will come back and do this again. Which will it be?" Jennifer said, "I will be good. I will not say anything to anyone. Maybe next time you don’t have to be so rough with me. I would have made love to you tonight. I have wanted you to notice me but you never spoke to me before tonight. You didn’t have to do it this way." As Paul was getting dressed he explained to her that the first time he is with a woman, he has to take her this way. He also reminded her not to mention any of what happened to anyone and that he was serious about killing her if she did. Paul walked out of Jennifer's house as she was getting into the shower. She now saw Paul in a whole different way and wasn’t sure she wanted to see him again. As Jennifer was cleaning herself in the shower, she began to wonder if he really would kill her.

Kimberly Mazzeo-Jolley
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Jul 13, 2010