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Mistress Dungeon
By: Kimberly Mazzeo-Jolley

He picked up the phone with shaky hands. He has tried to make this call several times before but always chickened out. “I am going to make this call. Today IS the day”, he said to himself. The number on the paper was so blurred because of him rubbing the paper so much. Or maybe it was all in his mind. He started to dial the number. 1-800- MISTRE….. and then he hesitated the last numbers. “Damn it, I’m making this call”. SS he finally dialed. It began to ring. It rang a few more times before someone picked it up. “Good evening, Mistress Dungeon services. How can I assist you tonight?” the voice on the other end said. Stuttering the words out, he asked if he could make an appointment to come in. The lady on the other end asked him a few basic questions of his needs and gave him a price. “Wow, $200.00 an hour seems like a lot. Is there anything less expensive with less amount of time?” he asked with hesitation. The lady explained to him the process of how long it takes and from what he wants; this would be best suited for him. He finally agreed and made the appointment for next Friday. Now he had all week to think about what the Mistress might do to him. He has never actually done anything like this but has always fantasized about it. He was excited and nervous at the same time. He could never tell anyone about it. Especially not his wife. If anyone was to ever find out, they would surely tell her.
The week drug on slowly and he thought Friday would never get there. Every night he would go home to his same simple boring life with the same simple boring wife. His life was so routine. Go to work, come home, have dinner, watch the news and then go to bed. Making love was very scarce these days. Maybe once a month if he was lucky. Usually just on special occasions. Never anything spectacular anymore. Just the basics. Almost mechanical. He would never dare try anything new as she would suspect something. They never talk about sex either because she was so uncomfortable about it. It almost seemed like she didn’t like making love to him anymore. But then again, it never was amazing even in the beginning. He would hear the guys at work swap stories of their adventures. He tried to relate but never could. He has never had outrageous sexcapades like the men from work. He found the nerve to ask one guy about his adventure with a Mistress and he told him about Mistress Dungeon. It intrigued him but never thought about it seriously. But the more routine his life was, the more he thought about needing a change.
Friday morning came and he woke with a bright attitude knowing that tonight, he was going to have his fantasy finally come true. He woke, ate breakfast and kissed his wife goodbye. He told her he may be late tonight and not to worry about making him dinner. She thought it was odd but never questioned him about it. She told him to have a good day at work and would see him later. “That went over smoother than I thought.”, he thought to himself. Maybe everything will work out alright.
He gets to work and tries to stay busy the entire day knowing that if he stays busy, the day will go by faster. The guys at lunch time talked again about their adventures they had the night before and what they were planning on doing over the weekend. One of the guys asked him if he had any special plans for the night or the weekend. “Nothing really”, he replied as he smiled to himself inside. As end of the work day drew near, he became anxious. He felt he would explode if he had to wait much longer. And just when he didn’t think he could wait any longer, 5:00 came around. Now it was time to leave and go to Mistress Dungeon. He practically ran out of the office to get to his car.
His appointment wasn’t until 6:30 so he needed to find something to do for the next hour and a half to calm himself down. He decided to have a drink to try helping him calm down. He went into the hotel lounge where he knew no one would know who he was and his wife would never know where he was. He sat at the bar and ordered a few drinks as he watched the race on the television above the bar. He tried to concentrate on what he was watching but all he could think of was what he was about to do. He didn’t know if he actually had the courage to go. Maybe he should just back out and go home. His home life isn’t so bad, as he tried to make himself believe. “No, you are NOT backing out of it this time. You are going and you are going to have a good time”, he said to himself. Not realizing how much time had passed, he looked at his watch and saw that it was 6:10 already. He had 20 minutes to get to Mistress Dungeon. He paid his tab and left the lounge.
On the way to his destination, traffic seemed to be a little more than he expected. He wasn’t sure if he was going to make it on time. He wasn’t exactly sure where it was but he had a good idea. He finally gets to Mistress Dungeon and hesitates getting out of the car. He sits staring at the entrance not really sure if he wanted to do this. “What if she really hurts me? What if she leaves marks on me and my wife sees it? Oh, who am I kidding? She never looks at me anyway. That’s it. I’m going in.”
He gets out of the car and walks to the door. Not exactly sure what to expect, he walked very slowly into the office. When he walked in, the office seemed very professional. There was a receptionist at the door dressed normal. She had on a nice dress and there was soft music playing in the background. He walked up to the lady behind the desk and told her his name. “Mr. Smith, I see you have an appointment at 6:30. Is that correct?” the lady asked. He shook his head yes as he was too nervous to say much more. She asked him to have a seat and that someone would be with him shortly. He asked if he had to pay first or afterward. She explained the next person to help him would take care of that.
While anxiously sitting in the chair waiting for someone else to take him to his new adventure, he twiddled his thumbs and thought how he should just leave now before it goes too far. When he was about to stand up to leave, the door opened. A woman dressed in a black leather corset, pleated mini-skirt, fishnet stockings and knee high boots walks over to Mr. Smith and asked him to follow her. He looked up at the woman in awe, not really sure what she just said. His mind flooded with all sorts of thoughts of dirty sex acts. The image of this statuesque woman frightened him. He got up and followed the woman into a dark room.
“Hello Mr. Smith. Welcome to Mistress Dungeon. I am so glad you decided to visit us tonight. We are looking forward to serving your needs. I am sure when you made the appointment our receptionist told you how much is expected for your session tonight but I also wanted to tell you that tips are appreciated. We would also like talk with you after your session to let us know if all your needs and expectations were met. It helps us make sure all of our clients are well taken care of. Are you ready for your session?” the woman asked in the sexiest voice he has ever heard in his life. His jaw nearly dropped to the floor as she spoke and quickly agreed to everything she said. “OK well then all that’s left to do before you begin your session is payment. Would that be cash or charge?” Mr. Smith quickly pulled out the $200 fee. The lady asked if there were any questions or concerns before she let his mistress know he was ready. “Is she going to be gentle with me? What is expected of me?” he asked. The lady went into further detail of the conversation he had with the receptionist and said they picked the woman that would best suite his desires. She gave him a safe word, bananas, and asked him he would be alright with that word. She reassured him that once he said that word, the mistress would stop and he would have a choice to just pause the session or leave. She asked him if he was sure he understood and if he was ready. He agreed and said he was ready.
The woman told him to sit and wait for him to be called back. He did as instructed. His mind was racing with fear and anxiety. He wasn’t really sure he was ready to go through with it and even though already paid for his session, he wanted to leave. Within a minute of the lady leaving, she returned and asked him to follow her once again.
As the door opened, there were spiral stairs leading down to the basement, or Dungeon as they called it. It was dark, lit by candles and black lights. The smell of burning incense and other fragrances he couldn’t place filled the air. He could hear screams of other clients in their sessions. That frightened him but he continued to follow the lady down the winding stairs. As they approached the end of the stairs, she instructed him to enter the last door on the left and wait for his mistress to arrive. He was told to sit in the chair and she would be with him shortly. She once again asked if he was sure he was ready and he nodded his head yes.
He walked down the hall to the last door on the left, per instructions. He entered the room and looked all around. There were items hung on the wall and a table in the middle of the room. There were some chains on the wall hanging, waiting for its next victim. He could hear the man next to him screaming out, “Yes Mistress!” and the woman yelling at him to lick her boots. He thought that was odd but did as he was told and sat in the chair. The chair was facing the wall opposite of the door. His heart started to race faster and faster the longer he waited.
The door behind him opened and in walked another woman dressed in black. Her outfit was similar to the previous woman. She walked in and instructed him to immediately get on his knees. With hesitation, he did as demanded. As the woman came closer to him, he could see that her nipples were exposed on her corset. It was laced up in the back and instead of a skirt, she had on leather panties. She had black gloves on as well. He was instantly aroused by her outfit. He didn’t mind that she was so harsh with her words. No one has ever spoken to him that way. She grabbed the back of his head and said, “So, have you been a bad boy today?” Startled at her question and actions, he denied being bad. “I heard you have been very bad. I heard you needed your *** spanked. You don’t speak to me unless I tell you to answer me. Do you understand me you worthless piece of **** excuse for a human?” Astonished by her words, he nodded yes. His eyes opened wider and wider as she got closer to his face. She began to drag him by the back of his hair onto the table in the middle of the room. She led him up on the table and told him to sit there. She walked behind him and placed cuffs on his wrists.
As she was cuffing him, she asked him again if he was bad. He wasn’t sure what he was supposed to do so he just nodded yes. “OK. Good boy. Now that you finally admitted to your Mistress that you were a bad boy today, what do you think I should do about it?” He didn’t say a word. As he sat with his hands behind his back cuffed, she walked in front of him with her exposed breasts in his face. She once again grabbed the back on his head and asked him if he wanted her to spank his ***. He just nodded yes. “Do you think you deserve to have your *** spanked by me?” she asked with a strong tone. He didn’t say a word. She told him to answer her. He said, “Yes, I have been bad and need to be spanked.” The woman told him, “When you answer me, you either say Yes Mistress or No Mistress. Nothing else. Do you understand me you dirt bag?” “Yes mistress”, he exclaimed quickly.
“Good, that is what I thought. Now, I want you to stand up and walk over to the wall. I want you to stand facing the wall. Do you understand me slave?” “Yes Mistress” he says as he walked over to the wall. He faces the wall and stands there. She comes up from behind and removes the cuffs on his wrists. She uses t he chains that were hanging from the wall to bind him. He could feel his erection in his pants becoming harder every time she touched him.
“OK. Now, I think you deserve a little bit more than just a spanking. I think you need to be whipped.” She began her lashings on his back and he began to wince. The pain of the whip lashings caused him to cry out but his **** got harder and harder. His shirt blood soaked was starting to come apart. She asked him if he was going to continue to be a bad boy. “No Mistress”, he yelled out. She continued to whip him a few more times.
Then she walked over to him and while standing behind him, took his belt off and unzipped his pants. She felt inside his pants and said, “Oh, I see you like what I am doing to you, don’t you?” “Yes Mistress” he screamed out. She began to stroke his already hard ****. He felt like he was about to come to climax and the Mistress demanded that he didn’t ***. “If you *** now before I give you permission, you will be given more beatings. Do you understand me?” “Yes Mistress”, he exclaimed. A few more strokes and when he thought he couldn’t take it anymore. She finally stopped and pulled his pants down.
She took him off the shackles and led him back to the table by his hair. Instead of placing him on the table, she sat on the table. She made him get on his knees in front of her and instructed him to lick her boots. He did as demanded. “You like licking my boots slave?” she asked. He looked up at her and said,” Yes Mistress” She rubbed the back of his head as he licked her boots. She opened her legs in front of his face and started rubbing her *****. She asked him if he wanted to lick her *****. He stopped licking her boots and looked up at her and said, “Oh yes Mistress!” She said, “If I let you lick my *****, are you going to make me ***?” “Oh yes Mistress”, he exclaimed. She grabbed the back of his head and placed his face in her *****. He began licking her ***** all over. He licked her ***** lips at first and then plunged his tongue inside her. He found her **** and licked on it. He could taste her juices on his tongue and wanted her to *** all over his face. He tried to use his fingers to help make her *** and she pushed him away. “I didn’t tell you to use your hands on me, did I?” “No Mistress”, said in shock that she pushed him away.
“Now I am going to have to punish you again. Stand up right now you piece of ****.” He immediately did as instructed. He didn’t know what he did wrong. She gets off the table and forces him to sit on the table. She places a blind fold on his eyes and told him not to move. She makes him straddle the table with his erect penis and balls laying flat on the table. She gets some safety pins and returns to the man on the table. She tells him to lie down and cuffed his hands apart on each end of the table. Then she did the same to his legs. She told him not to move. She then took one safety pin and pierced the bottom of his testicles. He screams out in pain as blood gushed everywhere. “I didn’t say you could talk slave!” she screamed out. “You shut the **** up and take your punishment!” He began to breathe harder to try to forget the pain. It didn’t help. She then stretched the skin on his **** and pierced another pin through the stretched skin. More blood flows everywhere as he screams out once again. “Hey *******, if you can’t take the punishment, don’t do something you were not told to do. Do you think you have learned your lesson?” she asked. “Yes Mistress!” he screams out. His breathing quickens as he tries to forget the pain. Though he is in pain, his erection stays hard. He had no idea how much he liked what she was doing to him. He wanted to **** her so hard. He wished he could get out of the cuffs, throw her on the table and **** her till she screamed.
She took the pins out of his **** and balls and removed the cuffs from his ankles. She pressed a lever on the bottom of the table and the table lowered. Still with his eyes blindfolded, he had no idea what she was doing next. She then straddles his face and tells him to make her ***. He licked her sweet juicy ***** the best he could. He tried and tried to lick and suck her wet hot box. Her hands were on his chest holding her up as she straddled him. Her breathing quickened as she was reaching climax. She came so much on his face that he thought he was going to drown.
She got up and asked him if she removed the cuffs if he would do as instructed. “Yes Mistress” he said. She removed the cuffs and grabbed the back of his hair and made him sit in front of her. With her legs open, she placed his face in her ***** and rubbed it in her *****. “Now, don’t forget my *** too. I want to be licked dry!” she tells him. He did as instructed and his **** was about to explode. He wanted to push her down on the table and **** her senseless. But he feared what she would do to him next.
After she was satisfied with his tongue play, she got up off the table. She saw that his **** was hard and grabbed him. She forced him up by grasping his ****. “Your **** is very small. Is this even a ****? It looks like a toy. I have toys bigger than you” she said as she was stroking him and laughing. Though what she was saying to him hurt his feelings, he didn’t care. He wanted to *** and he was nearly there. He tried hard not to *** but couldn’t fight it anymore. He came all over her gloves and arm. She got very angry with him. “I told you NOT to *** you ******* scum bag! Now look what you have done! Lick it off of me RIGHT NOW!” He was shocked that she would even suggest something like that. He hesitated. She pulled his blind fold off and demanded again for him to lick his *** off of her glove and arm. He just looked at her and said, “No Mistress”.
“You don’t tell me NO, slave. I tell you what to do and you DO IT!” He still hesitated. She grabbed the back of his head and forced his mouth on her glove and rubbed his face in his ***. She got angry with him for not doing as demanded and pushed him on the floor. She stepped on his chest as she walked to the other side of the room. She told him not to move. He stayed lying on the floor. She came back with her whip again and started whipping him on his chest. The lashings penetrated his skin and started bleeding. She told him, “See what happens when you don’t behave!”
“BANANAS, BANANAS, BANANAS”, he screamed out. She immediately stopped what she was doing and left the room. He couldn’t believe what she was doing to him. He got up off the floor and tried to find something to clean up the blood. As he was looking around the room trying to find his pants, the first woman that brought him in the room entered. She asked him if he was alright. “No, I am not alright. I thought that ***** was going to kill me”, he said. “Just follow me and I will get you cleaned up” she explained. He followed her out with his pants around his arm. She showed him where the restroom was and he entered. When he locked the door behind him he saw the blood all over his body.
He couldn’t believe what he just experienced. As he cleaned the blood from his ****, balls and chest, he told himself he would never do this again. Then he couldn’t figure out how he would explain this to his wife. “What is she going to say? How am I going to explain any of this?” kept running through his head. Once he got all the blood off and stopped the bleeding, he got dressed and walked out of the restroom. He returned upstairs to the room where he was in first. The Mistress was in the room waiting for him. She cleaned herself up and got dressed. He couldn’t believe she was there. She asked him if he was alright and if she satisfied his wishes in this session. He looked at her with astonishment and said, “Hell no. I just wanted something different. I didn’t want to be bleeding. I never expected anyone to beat me. I guess I didn’t know what to expect being here.” She apologized for any undo pain she caused and told him that is what they do there. She told him maybe he should just find a girlfriend on the side. He didn’t respond and just walked out the door.
On the ride home, his experience ran through his head over and over. He didn’t know what he was going to tell his wife when he got home. How as he going to explain the blood in his clothes? How was he going to explain the injuries? He pulled into the closest gas station and opened his trunk. There was a change of clothes he had from the gym he was supposed to be going to. He never did though so the clothes were clean. He threw his blooded clothes away and got back into the car. The drive home was miserable for him because he didn’t know what he was going to say to his wife.
He gets home and she was watching television. He walks in and goes straight to the bathroom. She didn’t think anything of it. He took a shower and tried to clean up some more. As he was in the shower, he heard some noises coming from the bathroom. His wife came into the bedroom and then the bathroom. She asked him how his day was. He explained that it was very busy and he was very tired. She told him dinner was in the oven if he was hungry. He declined and said he just wanted to go to bed. He turned off the shower and exited. He quickly put on the pajamas that were hanging on the back of the bathroom door. As he walked into the bedroom, she was lying on the bed waiting for him. She was in lingerie looking at him lovingly. She has never wore lingerie for him before. After the night he had before coming home, he didn’t think he could possibly do anything else. But, she has never bought lingerie before. Seeing her lying there in the red lace teddy, he started to feel his member rise. Though he was in terrible pain from the whippings, he quickly turned off the lights and lay down next to his wife. She began rubbing his chest over the top of his pajama shirt. He winced in pain from the lashings. He grabbed her hand and rolled over on top of her. He kissed her passionately as his member continued to get hard. He saw his wife in a new light that night. Though he was in excruciating pain, he made love to his wife. It was the best loving making they have ever experienced.

The following Monday morning when he went to work, the guys all sat around the coffee table talking about their exciting weekend. Once again they turned to him and asked how his weekend went. He looked up from his coffee cup and looked them dead in their eyes and with confidence told them it was the best weekend of his life. They all made cat call noises and asked him to give details. He laughed and said; “no way guys” and they all booed him.
He went back to work and couldn’t get the images of the Mistress and the experience he had with her out of his mind. Then he would think of his beautiful wife in her red lingerie. He wasn’t sure if he just needed a little pain in order to see just how much he loved his life the way it was but he did know he would never return to Mistress Dungeon again.

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