For D....part 1

I saw him when he first walked through the door...his handsome face and confident bearing reminding me instantly of the reason I took this chance.  Sitting in a restaurant in the middle of the day..meeting my lover.   My husband was a good man...dependable, steady, and he loved me.  But he had no idea who I really was.  I had tried to show him....given him many glimpses into the myriad facets of me.  Not only did he not see..he did not care to see.  It was enough for him for me to simply keep his house, take care of his family, and feed him well.  Nothing that could not be fulfilled by a maid, or a personal assistant.  But I needed more.  I always had....and he had promised more.......but forever procrastinated....til it just didn't matter anymore. 

So here I sat....meeting my love...longing for his touch.   I smile as he walks toward me...unable to contain my pleasure at seeing him.  He comes toe me, and instead of sitting opposite me in the booth, he slides in right beside me...his eyes locked on mine the entire time.  As he slides in, he kisses me..a sweet soft peck...a lick to my lips..and then a long, deep assault on my senses.  This, I think, this is what I live for!  The passion already smoldering, as it always was. 

Drinks are ordered, andorders placed.....the details of neither of any consequence...they are not the object of this tryst.  They are merely necessary window dressing for our rendezvous.  The air in the restaurant is cold, and my nipples are hardened under my sheer top.  He looks at them, appreciatively , and whispers in my ear "Those would make an excellent appetizer"....which makes them stand out all the more.  He places his hand on my knee, the hem of my short skirt just above his hand.  His warmth sends a wave of fire through me...from the the placement of his hand on my thigh, all throughout my body.  He knows full well, that there is nothing under the skirt...if he cares to explore.   And he does.

Just then, our drinks are served. We smile at the waiter, my lover's hand slowly sliding up my thigh....reaching the outer lips of my bare *****.   He loves the way it feels....and when the waiter steps away, he looks at me, his hand stoking my lips softly. "I love your *****, baby....I am soooo glad you're such a naughty little never DO wear panties.  Tempting me to check....every single time".  I feel a finger slip into me..and I ***..right then...right there, for the first time that day.  He removes his finger and raises it to his lips.  He puts his finger into his mouth, savoring the taste of me.  "The first *** is always the sweetest, baby.  You are delicious!!", he says, his eyes holding my gaze..letting me see his obvious pleasure in tasting me

The waiter brings our food, and we barely notice.  I reach under the long tablecloth....the reason this particular restaurant was chosen...and feel his ****, already straining at the fabric of his jeans.  He has thoughtfully neglected to wear a belt, making it easier for me to access his hardening ****.  I unzip his jeans, and have no trouble liberating his throbbing ****.  He loves it that we're in's one of his fantasies..and it is my pleasure to accommodate him!  I take him in my small hand, his **** getting even harder at my touch.  I wrap my hand around him, holding tightly...and stroke him a few times.  I run my fingers lightly up his shaft , to his swollen head.  Three large drops of precum are beginning to run down his head.  I swirl my finger in it, then raise it to my lips...repeating his actions from before.  Letting him see my pleasure in tasting him.   I can see the desire burning in his eyes, and he kisses me taste on his tongue,and his on mine.  We share it together....and want more.

"I want you now, my sweet little ****", he growls.My ***** is so drenched at his words...his desire.  Our food uneaten, we pay the check, and Hurry to his car.  He comes to my side to open my door, as is his habit.  He takes me in his arms, unable to wait any longer.  I can feel his **** pressing into my stomach, and my ***** juices are running down my thighs.   He reaches up under my skirt and runs his finger up my slit, my juices coating his finger.  He rubs my ****, softly teasing even more juice to flow. His right hand is on my back, his left on my  drenched *****.  He pulls me in tight with his right hand, and runs his finger back down towards my entrance. When he reaches it, he kisses me HARD, and shoves his finger inside.  I *** for the second time, and the third..and more.   He loosens his grip, sucks my juices off his finger,as he always does, opens the door, looks me in the eye, and says out loud  "I'm gonna **** the **** out of you!!!!!"   I know he means it, as I slide into his car, anticipating the rest of afternoon........

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Thank you so much, javeachica!! I will send you links to more stories in a PM. I soooo appreciate your support and complements!<br />
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Thank you so very much, javeachica, for your generous praise! It means so very much to me! I've not been writing very long, and am still quite unsure of myself. I sooo appreciate your thoughtful comment!!!<br />
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Then you shall have haste!!!!<br />
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I shall, indeed, AT..thank you for your support!! Your opinion means a lot...

My, miss CV, this is quite a powerful story! Subtly, not overtly erotic, leaving the reader hungry for the rest of the story! And so realistic! I feel like i am there with you, silently watching, unobserved in the oblivion of the two lovers as they are so engrossed in each other. A worthy submission, certainly! I hope you will write a second installation of this liaison!