My Best Mc Donald's Experience!!

We came to town for a concert!!  Sitting by the pool at the hotel. been trying since i got here to figure out how to get to you! i know you are 15 minutes away and i just gotta get out of my sister and daughter's sight! then it hits me there is a mc donald's like half way between here and where i think you live!  you must be thinking the same thing because you just text me and tell me you are there and i need to try to escape for a minute!! i ask the girls if they want a frappe and i will go get it while they get packed up and dressed! they buy it and place their order!!!
      i get there and don't see you. i text you and you tell me to walk to the bathroom slowly. i pass a broom closet and the door opens! you grab me and pull me in!!!! you push me up against the wall and kiss me slowly and deeply! my heart stops until i hear your voice and know i am safe!  nice to meet you too! lol there is just enough light to see you smiling and coming at me again to keep kissing me!
     your voice let's me know it really is you. we've talked so many times i know that sexy voice anywhere! i tell you i haven't got much time and you grin and pick me up! still pushing me against the wall.  i wrap my legs around you and can feel you are "very excited" to meet me too! you start kissing me everywhere while one arm holds me and the other goes up my shirt! you start grinding into me in a very erotic rhythm!  I and tell you "no no" we just really met! You assure me we aren't going to really do anything wrong but we will enjoy ourselves for a few minutes!!! i trust you and let everything go and just feel your hard young body pressing mine into the wall! i feel your hardness press into my wet crotch!! you press me down onto you! you nibble my neck and whisper my name. you know it drives me crazy! so badly that i almost ***! feeling your hardness rhythmically rubbing my lips and **** i am almost ready to rip all of your clothes off!! you keep nibbling and kissing and find my breasts! we keep dry humping and it gets quicker and quicker!! this is so damn hot i want you so bad!
      a frenzy takes over and we both collapse into each other as we ****** together!! i tremble and you hold me tight and kiss my neck and whisper my name in my ear! 
     you sit me down and take my face into your hands and kiss me so sweetly. you tell me you have to get back  to work before you get fired! WOW ok. nice meeting you, you grin tell me there is more to come! I am just amazed and still soaking in what just happened! i gather myself and leave the store room!  I go out into the restaurant part to order the damn frappes i came for any way, who should i see behind the counter but YOU!!! you are smiling like the cat that ate the canary! i feel myself getting crimson just knowing that everyone around just knows what just happened between us!  i place my order and you never stop looking at me! You give me my things and tell me to come back to town alone next time! and you will show me your true talents!!!
      wow i gotta get back up there and quick!~~!!! AAAAMMMMAAAAZZZZIIIIIINNNNNGGGGG!!!!
darlinsam darlinsam
36-40, F
Jul 24, 2010