Dormouse Says, “Anger Is Just A Way Of Discrediting Your Imagination!”

Dormouse Says, “Anger Is Just A Way Of Discrediting Your Imagination!”

Beings from other dimensions come regularly to Wonderland to experience it is a place to visit and play with reality, but you are here to learn to feel alive, Alice,” said the Dormouse.
“You could say that of anywhere.”
“True. Now you are catching on. I like to doze off and daydream of the immense creativity and variety of reality. I find it refreshing, and enlivening.”

Wonderland is a place for you to explore what is possible and to master the riddles within yourself.
You are here to experience the web of existence as intelligent and responding to it by creating stories from which you can evolve.

“I don't seem to have much influence here.”
“The problem with Wonderland is that the feminine force has too often taken a back seat. Here's your chance to access your full identity.”

“If you try to hold onto wisdom it will just run through your fingers. The more you share of it, the more you keep, and the more you get. The Hatter is reacting to the stress he feels of what he thinks is his powerless living. Don't buy into it.”

“When you don't know whether to laugh or to cry, remember that laughter is a key to freedom. In this adventure you are now having you will learn to be open to what you do not want to see.”

“Think in terms of life expansion and you will affect many more probabilities around you than you can now imagine. It's a chance to move to a new shoreline of your being.”

“Does what just happened make you angry?”
“Anger is just a way of discrediting your imagination.”

“Be open to a new more empowering interpretation of yourself. Reality is far more constructible than you think. The energy patterns that you carry about reality can become more powerful than the reality around you. You are not a Barbie doll sitting in a box. You are having the gretest adventure of your life.

“You are hiding your power from yourself. You are doing more than just unfolding ito the process of self-discovery. You don't realize that you are creating your reality all the time.”

“I don't think the Hatter's energyies are integrating,” said Alice.
“The hatter is his own light and his own shadow. Just like the rest of us.

More and more dimensional doorway are stacking, rearranging, and shifting things that were kept separate. You are on a journey of discovery. May you find the jewel within yourself.

“Everything is connected to everything else. That's how it is on earth. Same here in Wonderland. Don't just be in the “now.” It is something that is meant to enlarge. Let it expand into the synchronistic moment. Let your experiences unify the significance of your life.”

“Wonderland is even more crazy than it was before,” said Alice.
“There is a lot more here than just a good opening to you to attain clarity concerning who you intend to be. Think of Wonderland as a ladder you are climbing to experience a different view from which to interpret reality. If you believe you are coming into a place of wisdom then you are. If you believe you are coming into a place of folly, then you are.”

“Power ends where fear begins. You are loved and you are the source of your love. The first rule for claiming autonomy, ownership of yourself is to believe in yourself, and that opoens gateways to the stars.”

“You are responsible for who you are. You create your reality. There is opportunity in all things. Understand that the current of your life is trying to take you to your purpose. It helps if you act as if you are priceles because you are. We all are, and I specifically include the Hatter.”

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Jun 2, 2013