My Darling

She walked into the room, as she heard the maids foots steps coming toward her. " madam your husband would like to see you in the study room' she says very gently. " okay thank you lillie" i say back appreshating the kindness she presents me with, anyone with really.
i reach the study room door as i see my husband leaning against his desk. " my dear come in" he says quietly. i walk in and walk up to him. " you look beautiful this morning" he says, i blush and look to the floor " thank you" i say. " your skin is pure and milky" he says as he runs his finger down my neck. i catch my breath and look at him in the eyes. i see his desire burning like a fire all over his face. he smiles and i smile gently knowing i can't hold my composer any longer. He leans in and kisses my neck gently..leaving trails that go down my neckand soon to my chest. he pulls his head back up only to look at me in the eyes " i love you darling" he whipsers before my gown hits the ground....
gentlyyours gentlyyours
18-21, F
May 16, 2012