What do you do
When what you want is too far
Do you cross the line and create a new scar
What happens when it's too hard of a game
To ruin yourself and stare at the remains
When you fought so hard down to the limbs
And you feel like your world is about to cave in
You say you are strong
When your body is weak
It won't be long
Before you can't speak
Words will stay forever inside
The screaming one trying to hide
The pain and the scars left from the battle
So hard to keep secrets next to the tattle
Before you know it, your in too deep
Nothing to do but sit here and weep
Because nobody cares and nobody gets you
Nobody knows how to except you
When the person they used to know isn't there anymore
What's left of you is just your burns and sores
And now the old you is no longer near
Because what you wanted is finally here
nicolelynn33 nicolelynn33
22-25, F
2 Responses Aug 19, 2014

Great piece!

That was beautiful. 👏