Life In Absentia

Scarlet shadow slithering,
Secreting under a
Harvest moon.

Absence of brethren.

Lovers' laciniation lingering,
Lamenting above the
Higher tide.

Absence of heart.

Recoiled remnants revealing,
Resolving amidst the
Imminent fall.

Absence of hope.

Poignant poets portraying,
Preambling with their
Protected omens.

Absence of desire.

Mindful melody mortising,
Melancholic aching to
Be free.

Absence of the dream.

46-50, F
3 Responses Apr 16, 2012

At the recommendation of my great friend 2011A, I read this poem and it is wonderful. So touching. :)

Thank you. I appreciate your reading it!

Very nice

Thank you kindly. :)

that was grand! very nice!

Thanks! (pitiful me hit the wrong tab on browser and lost the first I go grrrrr when I do that!)
But, I think I like this version better! ;)