Seven Suns

First dawn
hazed orange lights
trees cast silhouettes
into my life's canopy
tracing the shadows
with my fingers

Night comes
the fires light
children dream
fairies take flight
fish dancing
in the fabric of
moonless waters

Morning awakens
the dead inside
heartless boundaries
unchained beasts
cackling birds sit
watching over
living feasts

Sunlight torments
arid and akin
freedom born
but not awakened
thirst never quenched
love knots in silk ribbons
cloth uncut
like this breeze

The morrow
it will come
passing sorrow
unto the Seven Suns
we rise as one
the new day
admired by some
who dares to see

I cannot hold water in
the palm of my hands

I cannot hold dreams in
the hand of my heart

I cannot hold life in
the soul of my passion

I can only reach out
and embrace the day

46-50, F
May 18, 2012