Irony Of The Gambit

Too thirsty to extinguish the flame,
parallels forced into a vortex
heralds without a binding source.

Saguaros rise amidst
uneven vanishing points
needles scaring satin,
no more perfection.

Grazing hearts lure
red capped deception,
perceived dead inside
antecedes abstraction.

Too fragile for angelic obsession
twisted lines omit barbed parables
no more to hallow.

Shallow seas shinning
tethered glass shattering
distant echos of
left behind voices
where migrating doves
take flight through
windless caverns.

Dare the chance,
so far the dream,
one mountain stands
before the canyon
herein create
the bridge 'or the abyss.

46-50, F
May 20, 2012