How I Could Not Be Thankful

For all these years I come to know,
How I am blessed and guided by my God,
In spite I had a lot of ups and downs,
Still, I breath and have this precious life.

Hills and peaks, edges and frets,
Not quite easy to walk and overtake,
But instead of giving up and turn my back,
I stand straight and move forward.

Been broken hearted more than once,
Failures I got, even how much I tried,
Struggles and hardship, always by my side,
Made me tougher than others to survive.

No home run goal, no finish line,
To run for life, as time goes by,
Follow my heart, and do what I want,
Because I`m not sure if tomorrow comes.

Read Cinderella and Snowhite story,
Wish to meet my prince through my journey,
But in fact, life is not a fairy tale of glory,
And have no magic wand to command a genie.

But, How I could not be thankful,

When I have friends who laugh with me,
Willing to listen to my non sense story,
Cheer me up when I`m down and lonely,
Turns my gloomy day into nice and perky.

And How I could not be thankful,

Where I am free to live and dream,
Where there is music for me to sing,
Where I could climb up high and see,
This "Beautiful Life" that God gave to me.

I made this poem few months ago, inspired by my friends who keeps me happy when things were not fine, and really made me feel wanted as ever..

aprilluck aprilluck
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1 Response Jan 13, 2013

If I can interperet this correctly, someone dumped you? Well, if I were you I'd be throwing a party in my living room, not out of self pitty, but out of self relaxation time. Go ahead, try it, make some popcorn, get some yogurt, make a bubble bath, and when you're done get into your bath robe and watch a movie on T.V., or spend time with friends, perhaps even hike or read a book. Either way, too many people already write sob break up stories and it's getting a little annoying, but don't take that to heart, just do something else.