Call Me Anything..

Call me anything you want it don't bug me anymore,
Emotions have basically walked out the door,
But the Memory of how you treat me and the hate is still here,
One thing I'll tell you, One thing I swear,
The emotional cuts you gave me,
Turned to self-inflicted scars I have to wear,
I'd write a thousand different poems,
I'd tell you how I feel and yet you still don't seem to care!
Do you not get the message?
Do you not know how it feels?
Seeing how I'm always around drug appeal,
I can't even begin to stress to you what I've been through!
I want to walk away, you want to scream and yell!
Through my 15 yrs. of life it's rarely gone my way,
So like I said before I'm ready to walk away!
Your precious daughter can scream and yell right back at you,
Yet nothing seems to happen!
The minute my mouth opens you start emotional hitting me hard like Mike Tyson!
I'll buck back like a herd of pissed off bison!
We get no where
But then again that's the story of my life
Bosox80 Bosox80
Jul 20, 2010