Its Time


Here we stay
Not stand but lay

In this old house
Conquered by cobwebs
And Shadowed sunlight

It lingers in the air...

The Screams!!!

All of our dying hopes and dreams

We must ignore
That there is no door

As we ourselves lie weeping


Here we stay
Not stand but lay

Away from the world... hidden
There’s no way to even say
How much time we’ve been given

The shadows deep dark and steep
On the walls they listen

They only hear
All the fear

The laughter
Never written


Here we’ve been
Stayed and then
Wasted our life in the shadows

All is lost my dearest one
We know our time has come....

We’ve been lost in the shadows for far too long

It’s time to open the Windows

IronHeart IronHeart
Jul 20, 2010