Between Us

It seemed a thing between us,
reminded of three simians sitting,
legs crossed and hands in familiar poses.

This is not the way we share;
Our friendship, love, and touch is based on more.
Open your eyes and make clear your ears, and I will tell you of my secret life.

Actions and attributes not of the man I planned to be,
They are the true, sad, longing, and oft regrettable deeds of true me.
A secret that I can no longer bear, flooding out in gasps and sobs and tears.

From you a smile, not quite uderstanding, but relief.
This formerly untold life now exposed does not corrupt our love.
What's between us is no more a secret, a thing dividing; it is a thing we now share.

Truth exposed, we stand both hands clasped, naked trust.

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3 Responses Jul 16, 2011

So glad I found this poem. So lovely, it gives out comfort from your friendship.

I like this very much. Been a while, my friend.

I enjoyed it.

I like this.