Its Been Going Great!!!

Hey everyone, I just wanted to update on how my relationship is going for me! Me and my Soon to be Husband are doing so great things are really working out for us. I thought that I was just gunna have to give up on him and let him go. I attened Church every Sunday and i pray to the Good Lord that he helps us in everyway that he possibly can. I beleive that my prayers are being answered because my Husband is really opening up to me and letting me in. He used to have this wall built between us so I thought that things wouldnt not work out between us! I really was just gunna say I give up and walk away and never look back but I couldn't do that because for some odd reason my heart kept telling me that he is the one for me, and I really do believe that because I have so much strong love toward him and I really wanna keep that going! so Thank you Good Lord for keeping me head up and for opening my eyes up cause now i csn see light and it feels so good.


glamourgurl glamourgurl
18-21, F
Mar 21, 2008