Gregory Shon

Greatest day of my life was the first moment I become a mother.
Randy stood there witha silly grin, but a proud father in his heart.
Excitment lingered for the next nine months waiting for your arrival.
Going into labor @5:45pm on 1-19-92, counting down the next nine hours and five long minutes.
On our way to deliver you, your daddy & I talked of how much love we hold for you.
Randy chewed so many packs of gum his cheeks looked so swallon.
You finally blessed us with you tiny little presence.

Sharing a love and creating a life we are your proud parents that gave you life.
Having to part was no problem brought from you, but two young parents lost without a clue.
Outside the fact your father isn't here- he still thinks of you and our love for you is just as strong.
Now that you heard our story from start to end- this is where your life begin.

Mammy Mammy
36-40, F
Apr 30, 2008