The heat still lingers beside me a whisper of danger.
Your deceit ran deeper than the wrinkle free face with which you smiled at me.
Soft white sheets spread upon a king size bed, perfectly placed, an obsession.
Hungry eyes that devour the weak, it was in your baby blues that I knew.
Yet there I was beneath you, never willing to admit defeat, we played the game.

And where you lied I slept alone.
I denied the obvious; in this smoky room, my cries were muffled.
How it burned and burned.
You burned me straight into the ground.
You fed upon my fears and desire, your mouth, a gaping maw.

You left me half alive, as I scrambled on the edge of sanity,
a wound not yet healed, you left me exposed.
Ringing in my ears my screams filled the silence of nights you abandoned me.
And when you returned you laid me down roughly, puffy and pink,
my flesh crawled, something wasn’t quite right.
But love is like a drug and it had me hooked, begging for more.

It was always the same story lying together in my bed
The fantasy I held during the final scenes were just a rerun in my head
of the lovers I had before that actually gave a damn.

Deep inside there was an allure to the darkness
You wrapped your fingers around my neck and I learned to live barely breathing
I smiled as you tore me to pieces; laughing at the desperation you unleashed upon me.

Reassurance was never a possibility since I chose the bad boys.
While sincerity was a fist that hit me hard from behind
You watched me disgusted, I loved driving you mad.
Your possession was no longer yours.

Your temper tantrum, it’s far beyond a simple reunion
and in this all too familiar state
I wondered what sex would be like
if you could be that man I made up in my head.
IvoryTapestry IvoryTapestry
26-30, F
1 Response Aug 3, 2012

Very good writing. Some really penetrating lines that were painful to read.