Come Sweet Death

I languish in this morbid gloom
Inside my shabby bedsit room
Here comes the light of early morn
But this will be my final dawn

So come sweet death, I welcome you
My mortal life will soon be through
And when you hear my spirit call
Into your arms I’ll gently fall

Now comes the time for my last deed
I slash my wrists and watch them bleed
The crimson stain spreads on my chair
And on my dirty underwear

So come sweet death, I welcome you
With this damn world I am now through
And soon you’ll hear my spirit call
As gently in your arms I fall

And down my cheek there runs a tear
But not because sweet death I fear
I weep for life that passed me by
Now that its time for me to die

You came sweet death, I welcomed you
But not the place you took me to
For when into your arms I fell
You gently carried me to Hell
SelangorNight SelangorNight
66-70, M
Sep 18, 2012