My Friends

They are my friends not because I choose them,
But because I badly needed them,
As i do find ways to be closer to them,
Just like they do more to see me often,

They are my friends not because we are fine,
Not only in good times, not only we`re having fun
Not because we are near, or neighbors either
But because we really wanted to be friends.

They are my friends not because we were classmates,
Not because we speak the same language,
Not because we just live few blocks away,
But because we're longing with each other

Even from far flung distance, they are my friends
It doesn`t matter where and how we became friends,
Even no time to talk much , it is not an issue then,
And age and status is not  a big deal to us,

But the heart that speaks the true meaning of a Friend...

aprilluck aprilluck
46-50, F
Jan 13, 2013