To Write Three Words Before I Sleep

I couldn`t sleep, I don`t know why,
Maybe of thoughts left in my mind,
That need to be said before I lie down,
Before I sleep, until comes the dawn.

Got no chance `coz you kissed and said goodnight,
Seemed so tired, never even looked me at my eyes,
Felt alone `though you`re just right by my side,
Made me restless, sad, as tears can`t hide.

So, now here I am awake, and got my pen,
Only to write three words I really like to say,
You will get to read on the very next day,
The words I used to say to you day by day

Like a whisper, a message says,
About my feelings and how much I care,
It shows I rather have a sleepless night,
To fix my bothered and worried mind,

To write "I Love You" before I close my eyes...

aprilluck aprilluck
46-50, F
Jan 15, 2013