til we meet again

Til we meet again

You are me
for I am you
yet two different souls
born free, not to be caged by man
to dance and chase the wind
but to always be you.
You came to me
or was it me to you
you were so tame or  just a beaten soul
was your spirit gone
No , i don't think so
but only time would show
all along I  was training you
but in reality it was you,
who trained me.
 Thank you my friend
thank you for helping me,
to be me
never asking of me
just giving your love and understanding
when i stood by your side
and dumped my days woes
you would nudge me , to say lets ride
you taught me how to hear the wind
and to see the trees
you showed me how to reach the clouds
oh yes,
never were you a pet
but my friend
selfish was i
when i didn't want to let you go
and as i watched you fight with all your might
just for me to see your spirit was strong
though your body to weak to go on
 just rest now
lay your head in my lap
let me now take care of you
as you have done for me
rest, please rest
fight no more
it's OK,
I know it's time for you to go
fear not for me
for i will be fine
go now with god , my old friend
it's not good bye
but  til we meet again.

love2suckle love2suckle
46-50, M
Jan 19, 2013