Passion Of The Senses


Look around you
And gaze with wonderment
Gasping in amazement
What do you see?
The fair beauty,
Sweet innocence,
Exotic uniqueness....

Now close your eyes
Breathe deeply
Let yourself relax
Take the time to feel
Can you feel it?
The anticipation,
The suspense,
The excitement....

Open your ears
Let yourself hear
Can you hear it?
The kiss of a soft caress,
The sigh of mingled breaths,
The whisper of soft words....

Ahh, the aromas
Oh so sweet,
Yet tantalizing.
Did you get a whiff?
Of spices and musk,
And soft rose petals,
Entwining to create an Exotic Blend....

The flavors,
All so pleasing,
Yet so many to choose from.
What is to your liking?
Lips like fine red wine,
Kisses sweeter then honey,
Then what is your delight?
A feast....

Ahh, such sweet torture
For a banquet
As never seen before.
T'will be your undoing
And greatest destruction.

UselessTidbits UselessTidbits
31-35, F
Mar 2, 2010