On a balmy summer night,
So peaceful and quiet,
Not a soul in sight.

But wait, what is this, that I see?
Ahh...a forsaken lover,
Lost in his fantasy.

With dancing flames in his eyes,
Enhancing the growing passion,
Only to be overshadowed by her little lies.

Out of the corner of an eye, off to his right,
Slight movement that breakes his reverie,
A lone figure enters the circle of firelight.

Is she there by chance?
One would seem to think so,
With only the first glance.

But no, she has come with a plan,
Of sweet temptation and careful seduction,
To ease the loneliness and pain of this man.

Light steps from soundless bare feet,
Arms open, palms up almost begging,
Hestiantly their hands reach out and meet.

Pulled forward to be ensconed in his arms,
Was the signal for her seduction to begin,
Yet...he already fully aware of her womanly charms.

Arms around his neck, closing eyes, parting lips,
The whisper of a sigh, the mingling of a kiss,
Strong hands resting upon curving hips.

Their teasing touches, lingering caresses, and little sighs,
Melt into the soft swirling mist as one,
To be hidden, forevermore, from prying eyes.

UselessTidbits UselessTidbits
31-35, F
Mar 4, 2010