Heaven 'n Hell

Soothing peaceful songs,
Contentment all day long.
Eyes closing in sleep,
Wonderful dreams to keep.
Heavenly creatures sing,
Floating on an Angel's wing.
Sparkling silver tears,
Banish deathly fears.
Soft, warm light,
Chases away the blackest night.
Family, and friends without strife,
Welcome to everlasting Life.


Searing pain all through the day,
Unable to move from where you lay.
Muscles lock throughout your heart,
The beating stops, tearing you apart.
Eyes closing tight,
Signals the end of the light.
Just around the bend,
Comes the end.
Racking up points like a poll,
As death takes it's toll.
Falling deeper into the well,
Welcome to eternal Hell.

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1 Response Mar 5, 2010

I don't believe in the concept of hell I think we all suffer on earth. But like Pablohoney I think we all get rewards as well. wonderful poem though It really painted a vivid picture and I think thats what poetry is ment to do. To also make people feel not just see and you did just that. good job =)