Forever Winter

Forever Winter

Forever Winter in my mind

Forever within my soul

The wind she screams his name

With revengeful regret

The nights forever cold

Forever winter

Never forget

The sky's blue happiness gone

Through dark gray's embrace

Oh the nights they seem so long

The trees are bare and resemble

Death itself

As the leaves they rot away

Joy and love within

My heart have eventually decayed

I have become unforgiving

From all the pain endured

Like the wind set free

To chill my very core

The bright song-full birds took flight

To not leave a whisper

My blood has run cold to know

Winter has taken her

There she lies under the snow


Cold hard and dead

Till the spring sun showers

Dance upon her head

She will open her eyes

As the snow melts away

And her friend the wind

Takes the cold and death away

The world Will seem new again

And life is forever new

But it pains me to think even after

All the things that winter stole

That Winter is


Even within my soul

IronHeart IronHeart
1 Response Mar 6, 2010

I don't hate winter but I dislike it because too many bad things have happen to me in the winter. too many memories I want to forget. You do make a good point that hibernation plays a key role in the rest of nature. I just can't think of any good times ive had during that time. but thats just me. Winter is important and does let us be reborn. Thanks for the comment.