Worth Dieing For

They gave me life

They gave me meaning

Isn't it all worth it to be


Not to lies

Not to fake inducing smiles

But for the thoughts

They gave to me

All through fear and

Harsh understandings

Like drowning in

My own blood

The thoughts I breed

Slip through

The life and beliefs I once knew

From love and sacrifice

Get slaugtered right in-front of me

They lay dieing

In my weak arms

I can no longer hold them

I can no longer keep them

As my arms give way

Forever loss

Within my mind

Secrets find a new way to hide

Within me

I keep them close

Behind my heart

I can not lose another

I will not bear it

let the dagger win


Leave me dieing

Leave me bleeding

Lying on the floor

To once more hold them

But now to have the strength

To keep them

And then again

No more...

IronHeart IronHeart
Mar 6, 2010