The Best Explanation

This is a poem I wrote about my relationship with my girlfriend, it's kept a secret from her parents because they are strict as hell. But this is how I showed her that I didn't care with this poem. I hope you like it, because I think it's the best thing I've wrote recently.

It's nothing out of the ordinary to me,
you've been imprisoned I know.
I want to be your escape from them
and take you where you can glow.

How much longer will your sentence last,
that's something I don't know.
The good news is that it's going to wither
like a vine with no water it'll go.

When I look into your eyes I feel real,
like my life was and is changing.
Let it out, let it go, time has it's own way.
To show things are rearranging.

Where is the freedom that you deserve,
the love they never gave you?
I can't begin to explain my mind or heart,
but I know that this is true.

I still love you.
camtron55 camtron55
18-21, M
2 Responses Jul 19, 2010

Well thank you, that's why I thought it would be the best one to post for this group. ;)

Its from the it.