Today is new, but yesterdays blues bleeds into the day's views, just when you think you have a grip, it slips and your left confused, my only prayer is your not alone when it hits you, knees and prayers, Gods there, but for some reason He feels you need to experience despair, maybe so you'll know whats coming in future days, maybe this is His way to prepare you for the raise, the increase in life's ways, so when it lands in your face, you can grab it tight by the waist...or maybe this is just another phase, another bad decision made, as we try to justify ignorance with His glorious ways...Has'nt He already told me to stay away, the fire is not tamed, and is sure to burn you into the grave..ofcourse I didnt listen, so here I go again.. jumpin on the same train, headed the wrong way, burned up twice in the same day, and buried in the same grave.. In the end, Im left screaming at the skies, confused as I cry, lookin down at my grave site, and all I have to ask is...WHY?
duecestang duecestang
31-35, M
Aug 5, 2010