Touch Me

One look from you, I bare my soul
Rarer than you will ever know
Forbidden love, friend or foe
I cannot hide, what I cannot show

Exquisite torture, I hesitate
Led by longing, lust, or fate
But through every pulse, you resonate
Made all the sweeter for the wait

Touch me now with your heart, your mind
A gentle kiss that tastes of wine
A soul that tethers yours to mine
Touch me till the end of time

Touch me
Kalena09 Kalena09
51-55, F
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Added note: I saw the attached youtube song and thought of putting it here.

Very romantic, sensual and picturesque. You paint with heart felt words delightfully.

Thank you, Adeane :)

You are most welcome.
It is a pleasure.
I'm not sure which is the most enjoyable, reading your poetry or paying you the honor of a well deserved compliment.

You sound like a romantic at heart.

Mt heart aches with romance inside but struggles to let it out visibly to others. (I am getting all teary telling you this). The same happens watching a romantic movie or something emotional. I feel like a sap yet that is who I am but find it tough to come to terms with.
Now I'm questioning myself - Should I be saying this and what is this lady going to think?
In a way I feel stupid - But at the same time I feel happy tears for my willingness to share the true me with someone I don't even know.
It feels weird yet wonderful all at the same time.
I must sound crazy.
This isn't me - But it is me.
From what I understand that is what EP is supposed to be about anyway.
( Note to self... Stop being hard on yourself. After all that is You)
I hope I am not overstepping here - Humble apologies if I am.

You have a tender soul. Most women do not turn away from someone that feels so deeply. If this is who you are, then this is who you are, and make no apologies. EP sometimes let's people release things they wouldn't normally, so it can be a safe place at times and a harsh place at times. But you are safe with me :)
I tried to message you. Did you receive a message indicator on the envelope on the top right of the screen?

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Just beautiful. And brief enough to have real impact. A carefully built work. Thanks.

Thank you Jordan 2005

Thank you Queenofargyll!!

Thank You Omniel. It's nice to feel appreciated.

Thank you Sunshine, love, and trudyann for all your wonderful, positive, comments. Sorry to be so remiss in my acknowledgements. I sometimes forget to look for comments, but my lack of memory in no way lessens my appreciation of your time spent with me on EP :)

i really enjoyed this poem

i love it. You have a wonderful talent with words, and your poem speaks to me.

Thank you, mystikRage

Thank you also MissShaw

Hope all goes well with your someone. Thank you for reading.