By Me, For My Childhood Abuser....

I was just a child,
and you a man,
now I'm an adult,
look at me if you can.
I'm no longer the child,
You sought to destroy,
the innocent life,
you claimed as your toy.
now let's see you hurt me,
let's see you try,
but you can't hurt me,
as I'm stronger inside.
You stole the child in me,
like a babe ripped from arms,
but I learned allot from you,
and now I am calm.
now you've grown old,
and my life has begun,
i can now claim back,
all those years in the sun,
when I was a child,
with sand on my feet,
and fear in my heart,
being treated like meat.
all that summer,
I was treated like dirt,
a sordid little plaything,
an unwilling flirt.
and how life has changed,
as you lay in you bed,
full of disease,
and regrets in your head.
soon you will shuffle,
into hell,
where freedom is waiting,
and my new life as well.
June30 June30
26-30, F
11 Responses Nov 20, 2010

Bravo, don't let your abusers take one more thing from you, especially your time, for it is far to precious to waste on or because of them . God bless you and to Hell with your abuser ......literally.


Very well written keep writing its a great healer

Just Beautiful.

Truth like sunlight kills germs. What a weakling he was, but how terrible a crime he could commit! Hurting a child in their sex like that just seems to be the cruelest thing. It's like it takes away their childhood purity, deletes their teenage curiosity & destroys their adult sexuality. I, like Venus admire your strength. Your poem is mad! It seems to leap heroically from one thing to the next confronting everything with total boldness & full consequence...kind of terrifying. I mean, I feel sorry for the guy who did that to you, but I think that's due to your poetry ~ that sent him straight to hell where he belongs

hi, thanks for your comment on this. i appreciate your time. he is still alive and doing disgusting ok at the moment. still in bad health. i outed him a couple years ago and my father confronted him and near on killed him. he hasnt admitted to it and denies the whole thing. he is such a horrible human being. as if i would lie to my family about such a terrible act. its a good thing my family believe me really. ive moved on allot and still growing stronger. i am well adjusted and very in touch with my self preservation and gut instinct which is never a bad thing. thanks again x

This was very touching. As I read this, I had goosebumps. It is truly sad how many of us have been abused as a child. I confronted my abuser when I was 14 and it was the greatest day of my life. Seeing the shame and guilt in his face was all the peace I needed.

Wow how emotional & beautiful! I hope ur pain is forgotten now! It mustve been terrible! To me child abuse is the worse crime ever.

Thank you all for the comments. its easy now for me to move on. it was a steep learning curve and one i carry as a useful caution for protecting my own children. xxx

I also was abused as a child along with my baby sister,I wont get into the particulars right now ,I just want to say the people who say if you are abused as a child you will grow up to be an abuser.I raise my kids with kids gloves,Im very protective of them,and love them more than my life.God bless you and thank you for the blessed poem.

i think your poem is excellent. at times i found upsetting because it really brings home what it must be like to be abused. does it help to get all those emotions out ? think your a very talented poet !!!

Brilliant! I like ur poem(: sry bout what happen bt in the end you have a story where you can help someone else n how u made it through unfortunate it had to be this way bt blessings to you..keep going(:

Excellent !!! Well done !!! I was abused emotionally for many years. Unfortunately, it took me some time to realise that there are plenty of people out there, bosses, colleagues, etc. willing to do the same thing -- I had hoped too much that other people are different. The lesson I should have initially learned, which would have been quite valuable (and also troubling) is that what the people who are supposed to care about you the most do, can also be easily done or attempted by people who are in any authority position or position of trust: colleagues, bosses, even people who claim to be friends. Now I work independently and am extremely careful about who I work with and do things with. A loner? I hope not. But now I protect myself which is a big plus. <br />
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