A Weaker Soul

{ I only cry when it rains } { No one knows that I'm in pain }  { I only laugh when I"m insane } { There is nothing left that I can claim } { My life has been just like a train } { It has wrecked and I'm  to blame } { The cars go by on first and main } { But i am walking just the same } { My spirit you tried to tame} { But my heart was all you maimed } { You shot my soul just where you aimed } { And yet they say life is but a game }
kidkeith kidkeith
51-55, M
4 Responses Dec 23, 2010

I celebrate the way your words leap from the page and find a welcome home in my head and my heart....I loved it.

it sounds like you got it bad from someone. your writing is very nice to read.

that was pretty whitty i like it

I really like it!