What little bit of what's left of me
almost died today.
Those things that mean so much in this world,
I lost along the way.
I met a man as cold as me.
He found what i had lost.
He turned around and gave it back..
He knew just what it cost.
In a world so cold and hard,
I was hanging by a thread.
What would I've done without his heart?
I surely would be dead.
(The reason for this poem)
This man gave me back my billfold that I had left in the shower at the homeless shelter I was staying in.It had all my stuff in it. It would have taken me 5 months to get it all back. I wouldn't have had the two dollars a day to live there anymore. I gave him half the money I had. I road to my bank with him to withdraw the money. I watched him help someone else even before we got to the bank. This same young man might be headed to prison in two days for things that he had to do to help his family. He could have kept my billfold and the twenty dollars that was in it. He could have gave the money to his wife and fifteen month old son, but he didn't. I don't know if you can understand or even grasp what he did for me. He gave me back a piece of my soul.

kidkeith kidkeith
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Again KidK your writing is so clean, honest and direct that I am moved to emotion at the purity of your beautiful story. Blessings and wonders and happy surprises to you my friend.

This is a very heartwarming and touching story KK.<br />
What a beautiful man he is for returning your stuff...<br />
even with all of his suffering he is going through.. he still thought of someone else and did what he knew was right.<br />
It makes you realize there is still good in this world.<br />
Thanks for sharing this... really... a very touching story!<br />
<br />
Hugs to you!!<br />

What an inspiring story of hardship, and the sacrifice of doing the right thing. God was looking out for you.

It baffles me as well, Keith. I found a bag, not too long ago, which I returned because it had the man's diploma and address, as well as other information in it. When I came up to his door, I saw a dirty man with a scraggly beard walking down the street. It turns out that was his bag. I handed to him and I gave him a hug, because he looked aged beyond his years. I have a feeling that I made his day. <br />
Sorry for the rant, but I though there were some similarities in our stories.<br />
<br />
I felt the need to set your poem to song, by the way. Just a simple ballad switching between A minor and E minor chords.<br />
Thanks for sharing, the world can never hear enough of kind acts.<br />

applause to this kind man who can empathize with another man's struggle and pain but the dammmmn court system cant do either of the two...what a worthless and disturbing thought... i am praying for all those invovled things will get better one day....troubles only last for a season....we just have to recognize that the season has changed and walk away from winter when its spring.........we have to be able to recognize and move speedily on oppurtunities and stop wasting time blaming the system.................there is no system in the first place.........what they want us to identify as the system is really chaos and wickedness. Its time for us to make our own beds, we dont need a sheet set and pillow to lay in bed comfortably