Theres a Man with a heart of gold
Does he know this has he been told?
He sees the world so logically
Emotions and feelings he says dont come easily

He has many wise words for people to hear
Those who listen are the ones he holds dear.
The lyrics he writes are his personal game
Gabe the writer wants no fame.

I read Gabes poem on the p.c one day
I wanted to find out who this beautiful person could be.
His thoughts made me think more profound
More than once he's kept my feet on the ground.

He strives so hard to make his mark
His likes are plenty and here are a few....
pizza, Martial Arts & music to.
Hes an urban Tarzan looking for a tree
Instead he jumps from buildings he wants to feel free

I'M Glad I met Gabe
hes a true friend to me.
He has no time for fake or false
Gabe is a Man of integrity.

when he wrote the words perhaps "love is key"
I'm glad he said this because I agree.
When people are mean to him it saddens me
These people have closed minds dead as can be

Again and Again I will say Gabe the man Has integrity.

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very nice poem:)

Hi, my friend akablondie, your story/poem touched my heart in a very special way bcuz it's about the particular beauty of a human being - Gabe, this friend of yours. You were able to decribe him in such a style we may compare to the fresh waters of a creek running smoothly among pebbles, just simple and just there... I can imagine the effect your words had on Gabe! On the other hand I might have known you are able to have a special person like him among your gallery of friends. Yes, that is what I mean - not everybody does. Why? Well, this is another comment for the next time...

Thanks for those lovely comments, I liked what you said re " fresh waters of a creek running smoothly among pebbles" I have no idea what effect the words of my poem have on Gabe. i guessed his personality at one point in time , one thing im positive about is he has great integrity. A lovely person in this world, where there is a shortage of kind hearts. Thanks again spins x

Gabe is a lucky man to have you as his friend!

Is Gabe a mixture of many people? Or a representation of yourself?<br />
<br />
I'm just trying to understand the meaning of this poem.

Gabe is a person, its a glimpse of how i felt about him at that moment in time. It was written personally for him therefore might be a bit confusing for others to understand. Its a collection of my thoughts. We were not lovers simply friends discusing things about life. We still are friends.

Oh I see. Okay, thank you.

THis is great :)

its from the heart it came out better as im not especially good at poems. thankyou

Thanks came to like this wonderfuful person , one of the best people I know. thanks again for liking it!

Totally original too. You have an artistic mind. Thats good to see.

This is really great. I didn't know you wrote poetry. I'm going to read some of your other things you've done. Keep it up!

Thanks hes a good friend so i have plenty say in his honour

cheers :)

very good,