I live in a car
that's been burned out for years.
The guy that was driving,
His bones are still here.
I was with him when it happened.
We were both drinking beer.
We went off a cliff.
The fire burned up our tears.
I am waiting for judgment.
My soul shakes with fear.
This life, it is over.
I hear Hell as it cheers.
The doors, they are locked
and the devil is near.
kidkeith kidkeith
51-55, M
10 Responses Jun 22, 2011

That is really cool man. Good Stuff. I like it.

Very impressive. Thank you.

Chilling and gets the message across

Oh, Keith. powerful.

Brilliant, excellant post my friend! :D thank you so much for sharing! :D

rating up. good work.

Good go Kieth

Oh, so wonderful.

The devil is afraid from your guardian angel

Love it!