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Prelude To A Kiss

A tension of want and desire,

gives way to a heartfelt hug,

for the first moment of your sight.

It is an ordinary day.

The unspoken passion, is subdued by restraint,

but the child wants to break free of the bonds.

My body will not deny what it craves,

and as each moment passes, the awakening comes alive,

bursting forth in a flood of expectation.

A truth of your look into my soul, I cannot hide.

Our energies combine and I am at peace.

As our arms entwine and surround us as one,

our lips touch, soft and warm, with a sweetness reserved for the dance.

No longer a hunger of unfilled passion - more a tasting of delights,

repeatedly discovering, searching and being in the moment.

Time can stand still because it is the first note of the music.

The prelude of Your Kiss.

dragonwaters dragonwaters 56-60, F 3 Responses Nov 24, 2011

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That was beautiful.

thank you - I am glad you enjoyed it...

Thank you... not in my usual rhyming and metered style but nothing usual about the captured moments.

Nice poetry.<br />