All The Wrong Places

This body is too warn
Can you leave it alone?
Im just too tired tonight
Take whatever you want
Wait until Im asleep
Wait until the sun is away
You can steal my body then
Just give me a little time to pray

There is something wrong here now
Your mouth is all wrong
Your face is not the same
Your not even trying to care
Your starting to hurt me
I smell the alcohol on your breath
Am I worth nothing but cheap cologne
If your going to steal me away
At least be a little presentable

Respect that my heart is breaking
At least be gentle
Don't just throw me away
Take me and leave
I'm not excepting you to call 
But I'm expecting you to see
Cause your taking all the good feelings
Its not fair
Only your happy ending?

This is the last time for me
But you know you can always come back
Your always welcome
You have me like that
Fixed and perfect
My heart on my sleeve
When yours wasn't even shown to me

Eyes wide open but blind to reality
Love is broken
I have no chance
Not with just a pretty face
And you don't even have to pay
Just be patient
Cause Im always looking for love
Just in all the wrong places. 
Cheygirl1889 Cheygirl1889
18-21, F
1 Response Dec 13, 2011

wow.. nice.."cause Im always looking for love just in all the wrong places"<br />