We All Have Our Demons

We can't forget our past no matter how hard we try.
But the tears we cry ,can wash away the demons inside.
It doesn't take much for our past to return.
A sound or a song, and those memories burn.
I wish we could forget the thoughts that haunt our soul.
So we could look forward and let the past go.
I know the regrets and the many years of despair
talking to demons that we all seem to share.
I truly pray that the next world won't be the same.
Because crying our lives away sure is a shame.

I dedicate this to my friend HotGarnet
kidkeith kidkeith
51-55, M
15 Responses Feb 4, 2012

i dont know about common attitude but your sentiment is definitely not "common" and your poetry is divine.

this is quite beautiful

I like this and I cannot forgive some of the thing I have done to others and Fundamentalist Christians preach that by not forgiving myself I am rejecting the forgiveness we are suppose to have through the Sacrifice of Jesus Christ. So you see this is a difficult issue for me and apparently others. I hope there is no remorse like I have now in the next life.

yes me too ,my freind

Something very sad wants to come out

Nice one

I signed up to this site only 5 minutes ago , this poem was the first thing that i chose to read , i am very glad of this , Beautiful :)

to you , you wrote a poem . To me, you told my story

Awesome poem.

wow ! amazing poem...caught my attention

aww, this is a perfect poem to read before I go to bed,as today I found out sad news that my biological mother died. we were not that close,but we still had our times together. thanks for a beautiful read-

Just beautifully written

You fear that in the next world you would have to deal with your past... But let me tell you, it has to be dealt with entirely here or there... You can't escape Karma or deep seated soul hurt... That would take life times to heal.

That's allot...

then i guess i have lifetimes to go

how do you know

This is a well written poem and reflects a common attitude, but I seldom feel this way. Sorry.

well then you are lucky to not have to experience this

I bow to you...it's my pleasure....you write from the soul.....

Beautiful...you know that I am a devoted fan of your poetry...loved this KidK.

I always appreciate your comments my dear friend