My Dark Place

I'm in a very dark place that you can't take me out of
your to late,in this long wait I grew a new gruesome taste for your blood
in my head I thought up this imaginary friend who I trust
nomore feeling numb,self destruct destroy the source I'm done
nomore getting stung from quipid liquid swords I run
they always seem to miss my heart and some how hit my lungs
Its such an adrenaline rush to see the one you love is strucked
by another love hoping they get crushed,**** a helpless bug
stomped nto the rug until you hear their little body's crunch
explode with emotions after old scars fade with razor cuts
I've seen more tears in the same people that ty to act tough
so much it could make the mighty iron man rust
and crumble with one touch
m stuck m my happy dark place were I start to feel safe
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1 Response Feb 4, 2012