The Nun

If you want to get to heaven, you can't be playing with your toys.
If you want to live forever, try not to make alot of noise.
If you're really , really lucky this will be the closest you'll get to hell.
The church it is a calling and only God can ring the bell.
You better light your candle because outside the gates it's very dark.
When you see the devil, you better pray, he doesn't leave his mark.
Dark shadows, they can follow you even in the light.
Make sure you talk to God before you go to sleep at night.
You can see your own reflection in the bible that you read.
You'll know just where you are going through the things that they have said.

Dedicated to my friend, The ChurchLady
kidkeith kidkeith
51-55, M
4 Responses Feb 21, 2012

Bravo!!!! I love KidKeith!

A wonderful photograph, but the poem is a little more Roman Catholic for my Lutheran soul.