My Unborn

To expose you to the world
the world it is today
I rather not if things go my way
We talk about you often
& a Smile comes upon my face
To imagine a little him
Yea, That would be great
To give you all my love, Giving you all I can
then to see you blossom into a young man
But I'm not much grown myself
Which is why I can't
I dont want you to
To become a beautiful mistake
I just want you to be Beautiful
I Want to work on my future
Yeah I'd like to successed
but I don't think I could do that & Raise my King
I'm writing this to tell you how much you already mean
To the Two people you'll soon call your parents
& Then complete our family tree
Skylar Zach Abdo
the Son I see touching the Moon..
EmotionalSkye EmotionalSkye
18-21, F
Feb 21, 2012