City Smoke

I sped through these city streets.
The night was dark and wet,
But the Downtown lights flared like a signal fire,
A thousand miles of fire.
The air and wind rushed in and enveloped me.
The people rushed through the streets,
Getting drinks,
Creating memories,
And losing them.
Red stop light.
I looked out of my driver window at the people,
Stumbling and laughing from one bar to the other,
I lifted a hand to the cigarette hanging limp from my lips,
I took a drag,
And watched as the smoke was swept away by the breeze,
Into the liquid dark blue of the night.
That is when I saw her.
A mere stranger walking among the crowd.
Her dress clung tight to her body,
Her movement was as fluid as the night sky,
And the alcohol of the people in the bars.
She glanced over at me,
A flirtatious smile spread from her lips,
Red as the street light.
I pulled into a parking space,
Quickly got out,
She stood on the sidewalk,
As if waiting for me.
Beckoning me to her,
I loved her,
But how?
From a mere glance.
She smiled and turned,
Calling a cab,
A yellow cab,
Like the burning lights above me.
She got in,
In her elegant way,
Disappearing into the shuffle of lights,
And lust.
I walked down the Downtown sidewalk,
My mind racing,
Slow motion as the people,
And lights,
Sped by at the speed of incoherence.
She would be with another man,
I took a drag of the cigarette in my lips,
Pale and cracked.
I closed my eyes,
He looked at her with lustful eyes,
My stomach turns,
His hands on her shoulders.
The dress drops to the floor,
And she falls into his arms.
My hands clench in the pockets of my jacket.
Her red lips,
The red means stop!
But why are they so welcoming?
Her lips only tell him to go,
Go further,
Not me.
Their lips connect,
And my stomach burns like the lights.
Its all in my head,
But my jealousy,
Killing me.
Twisting in my hungry eyes.
I open my eyes.
The people are still rushing by,
In the wet night air.
I stand at the corner of Downtown,
I take another drag of the cigarette between my lips,
Focusing on the burning red of the embers.
TheCrowing TheCrowing
18-21, M
1 Response May 13, 2012

That's an amazing poem