Poems And A Guitar

Ive been writting poems since about the 8th grade. Started playing guitar at 17. Now I turn many of my poems into songs....here is one:

"A Heart No Longer Whole"

Are all the highs worth the lows that come soon after?
Am I sure the love I feel is worth what I've captured?
I knew the risks; I rode the ride..
I kept it all deep inside.
Guess I'll never really know until the ever after.

The heart I thought he gave to me, was it just my imagination?
Soaked with pure fire and ice--a complete saturation.
It's now spilling out into
An availing of a game--won-lose;
But still I have locked away the "you & me" attraction.

The winters cold- the summers hot;
No spring- no fall, that's all I've got.
At least to know how love can feel
Tho it's strange I know it's real.

Heaven help my inner thoughts...heaven help my bleeding soul;
God forbid I should ever lose what's left of my self-control.
Holding on to something there--
Holding out-- nothing fair.
Never regretting the chance I had, a heart no longer whole.
yellowandblue yellowandblue
46-50, F
May 23, 2012