"daisies Are Blue, Too"

You started it--you said those words
You touched my hand--you heard me sing
You told me stuff so personal
Now you blame me say I'm worse of all.

Just--- go away can't be your friend
I--- tried to be calm ..at my wits ends
You're----just the type to break passionate hearts
Cuz only yours can shoot Cupids Darts.

I'm sick of this --in my stomachs, in my head;
My intuition sucks...been craving stale bread;
The best of what I've had has been here all along;
Throw the others away--here's for you anew song.

And--- if I ever meet another like you..
I'll---be sure to guard from going blue
I'll---keep my eyes open-pray for control
I'll keep my inhibitions--God will keep my soul

It's hard for me to see one like you so compassionately
Trample on the sanctity of what could have been a great friendship
Roses are blue--daisies are blue, too
Will there ever be another like you.
yellowandblue yellowandblue
46-50, F
May 23, 2012