Not Of This World....

I'm not of this world
Just watching and telling
The world about You
While I'm passing thru
My only true hope
Is right here with You

But Lord, sometimes in my human flesh
I get lonely, I get hurt, I get depressed
And the only one to lift me up, is You
You, Jesus.

In this world are things
I'll never have
I don't even want
And places I'll never go
I know I'm need to lay down
Those things you want me to right now

Nbut Lord, sometime, in my human flesh
I get lonely-- I get hurt-- I get depressed
And the only One to lift me up is You,
You, Jesus

So hold me Jesus, hold me now
You're all I have--you're here--you're now

I'm all alone in this great big worl
Except for You --Your by my side -You hold my hand
You help me through, Lord
You understand....

But, Lord, sometimes.........

yellowandblue yellowandblue
46-50, F
May 23, 2012