Our Love Is Similar To The Bois Dentelle

B eautiful
O sculating
I ntense
S ensual

D esire
E xotic
N eeded
T orrid
E ternal
L ove
L ust
E thereal

Only two bois dentelle trees are left on this earth,
They were found together on a hill,
Both of them standing side by side,
They have become almost entirely extinct,
The fault of their decline is from other trees interfering within their area,
They are a beautiful pair of trees with unique blossoms,
They are now separated only for the best of reasons,
One now lives in a nursery and is apart from the other,
The trees have responsibilities for tending their own reproduction,
This is for the future growth and well being of their offspring they have created,
So these two rare trees can have a family (species) that thrives.
woodlandwench woodlandwench
41-45, F
Jun 5, 2012