Somethings Wrong..

theirs something very wrong with me internally...
the smartest doctors in the world couldn't remove my darkest thoughts through surgery
causes me to self harm purposely,everyday when I'm alone left by myself in my mind is an emergency
it hurts to see,when no one else is here to watch me bleed,not the way its suppost to be
theirs this evil spirit holding me,supposively every scar I have tells a story no one believes
razors retrieved all my past emotions and revealed the truth to speak
for the rest of the world to see,well at least before I die I got to take a look inside
but all I found was a list of lies saying theirs nothig wrong with me and I'm completely fine
I'm in disguise the mirror I glanced at it looks like I transformed into a different guy
this tension is overwhelming, these scars are almost healed
but as soon as I look down theirs another thousand wounds to seal
this is how I feel, I don't say hi, I stopped replying, I don't comply,or rely on anyone
blood stains soaked in manny rugs,depression drives and thrives your next plot to cut
the moral of this, is don't tell anyone you wouldn't trust :)
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Jun 13, 2012