Dark Days Inspire Me

But good days are starting to become more frequent and I am finding that my writing is a lot more clear and vivid when I am content.  I'm not saying I can write well all the time, I just know that if given the chance I could write well enough of the time to be a journalist or make money at the art of the written word otherwise.  I had my first poem published when I was nine, and I won't give up hope when it comes to future publication dreams, although I have no delusions of grandeur.  My advice, within the context that I am capable to even give advice, is to believe in the passion of your writing.  And keep in mind that, like writing, a nice relaxing yawn and the occasional detoxifying vomit can be equally contagious, but which would you rather see more of?

Deep inside your heart
That's where it's got to start
There are those who doubt
That you will start to sprout!

But Believe in yourself!
You've got to Believe in yourself, baby!
Got to Believe in yourself
Or you'll get nothin' from anyone else.

daydreambeliever daydreambeliever
18-21, F
Apr 21, 2007