Battiling Reality.

Why must everything be so damn complicated?
No need to worry?
No need afraid?
It's time things changed,
STOP running, STOP trying to hide!
It's reality, it hovers over you like a dark cloud.

Following you like a lost puppy,
surrounding you like you wouldn't know,
swallowing you like you never exsited,
like you weren't even real.
It's time you opened your eyes,
And face what's real,
Don't let what you fear eat you alive,
life's not easy, and nobody promised you a hand to hold all the way.
Just stop complaining, you're wasting everyone's time, spread your wings and learn how to lift off and fly.

Reach for something high,
Chase after what doesn't seem real,
Face the fact that's life's a battle, and you should feel free as can be to battle until you die,
and if your too scared,
Don't be afraid to take a second and breathe,
tell yourself the truth,
Face and battle the lies,
Find yourself in the darkness,
And in the end,
Their won't be a worry left for you to cry over.
KittayGoesRawrxD KittayGoesRawrxD
18-21, F
2 Responses Aug 12, 2012

Life can be hard, and your poem just sorta faces that head on:3<br />
It's good because it's realistic and doesn't tiptoe around it's really good(:

Thank you(:

Ouch, you nailed that right between my eyes. Where it needed to be.

That meaning?!

i have agoraphobia, and an anxiety disorder, I am deathly afraid of leaving my home. I enjoyed your pep-talk poem, you are very right on with your ideas. Thanks.

Oh okay, well glad I could help. You're welcome.