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F R E N C H ~ K I S S I N G !

When I was 17 I had a FRENCH PENPAL Analise
I went to stay with her in France - near PARIS
She taught me a lot of things
We had a wonderful time together
Exploring PARIS and each other !
She taught me how to FRENCH KISS
My BF's and GF's have all been grateful
to her for teaching me the joys and pleasures
of sensual  FRENCH KISSING !


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I remember my first French kiss. It was a rainy school day and a young girl named Carol T. who was about 2 years older than me and much more experienced, and I were spending a Saturday morning together while my mother was away. I think she wanted to have sex with me. I regret my inexperience ness.

I need advice on french kissing- and fast! I'm a nervous boyfriend who wants to please the most important person in his life. My girlfriend has made it obvious she thinks I'm not the greatest kisser... Help anyone?? Tips, experiences, advice, stories or support of any kind would be amazing!

i love the pictures <br />
can u teach me

i will tell my gf

Does your boyfriend appreciate your sensuous kissing?