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K I S S A B L E ~ L I P S

ALL LADIES have lovely kissable lips
We love to kiss it is such bliss
We love to flirt ~ wiggle our hips
We can't help it we were made like this

Because of this Men love to kiss
They know it makes us hot
We would not miss a chance like this
To tease him find out what he's got


Now please please don't get  in a whirl
You know how I love kissing men
Once in a while I've kissed a girl
I'm sure I'll do it once again !

deleted deleted 26-30 2 Responses Aug 29, 2012

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XXX........kissing is sooo much fun!!!

That would be delightful ..... mmm...

Kiss...Your lips. Your closeness. It makes me wonder. Magical. So much passion. Kiss me. Touch me. Let me be with you. Just once. I want to taste that and cherish and remember for ever. Just once. Let me taste that fruit. Thanks for your lips. You keep me breathless.